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$110 Gift Certificate


$50 Gift Certificate

You can apply this gift certificate to any service or product!
Perfect gift for baby showers, birth of a baby, pampering, or just to say thanks.

$75 Gift Certificate

Use this gift certificate on any service or product. Great for a massage, class, Doula service, Encapsulation or product.

Give this for a baby shower, birth, or just because!


Valentine's Day Upgrade Special

This Valentine's Day Special entitles you or your loved one to a 60 minute Relaxation Massage with your choice of either a Hot Stone or Aromatherapy add on.

When you purchase this Gift certificate you will receive an email with a code that you can use to book the massage or send to a loved one.

5 x 60 Minute Relaxation Massage

Regular massage has many health benefits from reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, relieving aches and pains, aiding healing and recovery from injury, improving immune function and much much more.

Use the code to redeem each appointment until it's used up.

5 x Pregnancy Massage Package with 1 Free Body Balancing

When you purchase this package you will receive a coupon code to use for 1 Free Body Balancing Session for birth preparation (worth $30). You can redeem this package for pregnancy massage or postpartum massage. So don't worry if you have your baby before you use your whole package - new Mama's need massage love too!

Doula Services

Birth Doula 6 month Payment Plan

$100.00 initial setup plus $150.00 per month for 6 months ($1,000.00 total)
A simple 6 month payment plan for Doula services ($950).
First payment is $250 then automatic $150 per month.
Includes $50 Set up fee.
Total $1000